Happy Monday!

Every Monday is a happy day!

I began telling people, “Happy Monday!”  more than 30 years ago.  Imagine the number of grumpy responses I have received in return.  I really have never understood the Monday blues. Why celebrate Mondays?  Here are a few ideas in support of this outrageous concept of a Happy Monday. I grabbed them from years-old post of ideas.

  1. If you make it to Monday, you are alive and kicking.  Many did not make it to Monday. Be grateful.  Celebrate!

2. If you are at work on a Monday, you have work.  Many do not go to work Mondays…because they have no work.  Unless retired, they are sort of stuck.  You are not.  Love it.  Work it.  Celebrate it!

3. Mondays are GSD days, “Get Stuff Done.”  The grumps all stay quiet and mope, making it easier for you to kick tail and take names on your office to do list.  Celebrate that!

4. Mondays make you take up responsibility, which means they “grow you up.”  If you show up and go up on Mondays, you grow up.  You are tough, responsible, trustworthy, and a team player.  Celebrate that, too!

5. My dad used to tell me, “Every day above ground is a good one!”  He was right.  Including Mondays.

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