Hope that does not disappoint

There is much value in maintaining hope in our daily living. Hope is critical to the human condition. Refugees endure great suffering in the hope that they will persevere till they get to a better place. Prisoners in concentration camps and even extermination camps hang on because they have hope that relief and release will …

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Notable and Quotable: James McConkey

On surrender to the Spirit of Christ, from "The Surrendered Life." "Not that surrender is a meritorious act that wins the fullness of the Spirit, but simply the act needed to give the Spirit a chance to fill us. God does not flood our being with great tides of spiritual life, all independent of our …

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Path to Intimacy

Gospel of the Kingdom – The Fall into Rebellion

In the previous content post we explored the beginning of the ancient path of life for all humans.  It is the life of God Himself in the human.  Here is the perfection of union between our God and the human being.  We shared one life between us, the life of God Himself. It was not …

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