Notable and Quotable

A few short quotes on the tragic state of the faith for so many believers, many of whom have wandered into the errors of legalism, old covenant living, and worldly normalcy. Christ have mercy on us!

Photo via author – Wallowa Range, Oregon

“True Christians consider themselves not as satisfying some rigorous creditor, but as discharging a debt of gratitude”
― William Wilberforce

“It is no coincidence that Christian fundamentalist movements worldwide seek a return to Old Testament laws – because they fundamentally reject Christ as the New Covenant – which replaced all that.
They are not Christians – they are Leviticans.”

― Christina Engela

“I have found truly jubilant Christians only in the Bible, in the Underground Church and in prison.”
― Richard Wurmbrand

“I began to wonder if anyone still believed Jesus meant those things He said. I thought if we just stopped and asked ‘what if He really meant it?’ it could turn the world upside down. It is a shame Christians have become so normal.”
― Shane Claiborne

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