Adventuring Again

This week, while blog posts magically appear on this page, I am out with my long-time wilderness partner, Doug.  We are cruising the Sierra Crest near Mammoth Lakes, bagging a few peaks and visiting some remote lake basins.

20160902_153035_Richtone(HDR) (2)              Here we are on our previous Sierra Crest adventure, peak bagging in the               Yosemite Park area.


Hat tip to my good friend, Amanda Lien, for the most appropriate mug possible.

Adventure is where we meet ourselves, test our mettle, and find our weaknesses.  Adventure is where we meet our God in His wildness, for wilderness – indeed wildness – are His ideas.  He is there waiting to try us and strengthen us in the trials.


Image via Power of Positivity

To what are you drawn in life?  Indeed pursuing these things helps to reveal the path, the passions, and the purposes of our living.  Have the courage to follow them, friend!

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