Path to Intimacy

Gospel of the Kingdom – The Fall into Rebellion

In the previous content post we explored the beginning of the ancient path of life for all humans.  It is the life of God Himself in the human.  Here is the perfection of union between our God and the human being.  We shared one life between us, the life of God Himself. It was not …

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The Gospel and God’s Purposes

A Climb Free Post. Free climbing, which is to climb unaided by artificial supports and human contrivances, whether on lead or following, is the purest and most satisfying expression of the climbing spirit. Free climbing illustrates for us the passion and purity we should have for living each day unaided as much as possible by …

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Praying the Scriptures: Difficult Times

Image via Pixabay Our nation is being torn apart by the political and anarchist actions coming from the left and the right.  Both sides are culpable, and neither side has a true solution.  The fight is not for solutions but to gain raw power.  Anytime a nation’s leadership sacrifices truth for power, destruction follows. This …

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