Hatin’ Life: Inhabited, Not Inhibited

Image via author, Emigrant Wilderness, Sierra Nevada In the previous post entitled, "I'm Hatin' Life Right Now," I posed this question: "What would bring people to “hate this life,” meaning to forsake all to be inhabited fully by His life?" And the answer was love. "When one gives oneself over to loving our God above …

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I’m Hatin’ Life Right Now

Image via author, Bighorn Range, Wyoming Among my wilderness partners of years gone by were several people who had this interesting response to the question, “How is it going?”  If things were not going well, the answer was a kind of code that let you know times were difficult.  I heard it most often when …

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The Narrow Gate – When God Speaks

Image via Author, Bighorn Range, Wyoming Our God intends to have conversational communion with us in which He will reveal important things to us.  In this conversational communion we can speak to our God about lives and daily living in simple, easy language, and Jesus will also speak to us.  It is truly a two-way …

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The Narrow Gate – The Greatest, 2

Image via Author, Bighorn Range, Wyoming As identified in the last post, Jesus identified the foremost or greatest commandment as the command to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. There are good reasons for Jesus to say this, good reasons for us to take these words seriously.  This …

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When It All Comes Crashing Down

Here is a post from a fellow blogger that I found thought-provoking.  I always enjoy Dave’s posts at “Live 4 Him” (https://live4him.ca/).  I hope your thinking is piqued by his words as well.

Thanks, Dave!


We teeter on the edge, hoping and praying that things will get better. It has been a hard year for everyone and it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier. How many of us entered 2020 with reservations? How many of us, even the most negative of us, could have imagined what has happened? The answers to these questions really don’t matter. If you were worried, if you did imagine a year like the one we are having, what difference would it have made?

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