Acceptance and the Problem With Bears

Acceptance and the Problem With Bears “That which does not kill you makes you stronger.” – attributed to Frederik Nietzsche One of my favorite quotes is this one from Frederik Nietzsche.  It is because it has been handily rewritten by the wilderness community into this: “That which does not kill you makes you stronger...except bears. …

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Happy Monday!

Happy Monday – Lighter fare in the form of great quotes on life, great illustrations, humor, and occasionally, art. Some Mondays be like.... (Picture via Zen to Zany) Monday.  Still too much snow.  I'm still outside.  This is still not cool. Spring is coming...someday. Even in Minnesota!  Trust me! Happy Monday.

Taking It Personally

These are important truths for us to consider, and that should drive us to repentance. Hat tip to Heather Davis at Running the Race for this post.

Running the Race

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

Revelation 2:29

I’ve often heard it said that the church from Revelation which most resembles the modern American church is the lukewarm, spoiled church of Laodicea. And this is true.

As a whole, we do tend to be complacent in a rather shallow, wealthy, and self-serving social club we call the church. We neither offer a refreshing drink of cool Living Water to the world around us nor a sanitizing scalding from the heat of holy fire. We are, to use the modern vernacular, meh.

But the letter to Laodicea isn’t the only one we could take to heart as a solemn warning. Like Ephesus, many of us have forgotten our first love of the Lord – going through acts of service as if our works will save us and not His grace. We can…

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Book Review: Living With Jesus Today

Living With Jesus Today  Juan Carlos Ortiz  Creation House, Carol Stream, IL 173 pages Critical read Must read Good read Read if you want Read something else Why you should read this book:  Juan Carlos Oritz, a long time a pastor in Argentina and internationally-known speaker, was a unique and engaging resource for those wishing …

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