Notable and Quotable: Clyde Cranford

On the need for true humility if we would see the grace of our God flow into our living:

“Humility quietly demolishes the dams of pride in our lives, so the river of grace may freely flow. But we need not wait for our God to dynamite these obstacles. We can and must accomplish this task ourselves through humility. If we humble ourselves by simply admitting our need for God, He will respond with an abundance of grace.

Yet if we refuse to humble ourselves, God will humble us. The grace of God is like a river that flows and never really stops. You can dam it up for a while, but it will cut another path or destroy the dams you’ve built, because it cannot be resisted for long. Though God resists the proud, He Himself will eventually knock down those walls of pride with His grace, because He is moving us toward the greatest destination of all: conformity to His holy Son Jesus. He will not cease until His goal is accomplished. Therefore, it is only wise for us to check often for any elements of pride that may be blocking the flow of grace in our lives and quickly confess it to God. It is much less painful to humble ourselves than to be humbled by God.”

From the book, “Because We Love Him.”

Image via author, unnamed lake, Wallowa Mountains, Oregon.

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