The Long Hiatus

Until this week, I have not posted on this blog since November 3, 2022. I took time away from writing to relocate from my home in NW Minnesota to a home further north and west in Minnesota. I purchased a small home up north in November of 2021 and spent thirteen months gutting it, rebuilding it, and getting it ready for moving in. Once I moved in, I asked the Lord about when to start writing again. His answer was to wait on Him to guide me as to the timing. Weeks became months, and I still was not clear in my heart or in my hearing from the Spirit on the matter. It was clearly our God’s will that I wait patiently for His timing and moving.

Through this time, the Lord was reminding me that those who are renewed in strength are those who wait upon Him (Isaiah 40:31). Waiting on our God for pretty much all of life is one of the big themes in the scriptures. The Psalms repeat the theme copiously, but we find teaching on it in many places. We see the practical outcomes of a “waiting life” in many life stories in the scriptures as well as in the stories of true saints. Such waiting is facilitated in us by our surrender to Christ in everything, for once we have settled the yielding question the waiting becomes not a work of the flesh but of the Spirit.

Finally, last week I began to sense His moving in me to begin the writing process. He also clarified some of the work He was doing in me while I waited. I could sense His moving and working, and I had great peace about the long hiatus. It as a good time of resting in the Lord, seeking Him along the ancient paths where the good way is.

Now He is bringing a steady procession of topics and themes for moving the blog forward. He never ceases to meet the one who will wait upon Him and trust in His grace, goodness, and gentle ways. At times it seemed like a long hiatus, but in reality it was exactly the right timing.

My older brother, a far better writer than I am, once gave me a bit of godly wisdom which I have never forgotten: “God is never late concerning His promises. He is never early, either.”

6 thoughts on “The Long Hiatus

  1. There is no better place to be than at His feet.

    “Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her…” Blessed are they who choose such holy ground!


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  2. Amen, Tim! HIS timing is always perfect and just “on time”. I’m happy for your move and the Holy peace you have for moving forward with words. I remember taking a hiatus after my diagnosis. There are times I feel paralyzed. In actuality, it’s a necessary “pause” vs “paralysis”. It’s exactly the same reason you had a hiatus. You’re being used as a vessel for our Lord! You’re an encouragement and testimony of how God can use our blogs and words to help others. By the way, I love the mug and candles! God’s blessings my friend!

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    1. Great word on what is often the deeper purpose in our temporary paralysis, Karla. I get so anxious to get moving or keep moving, yet my God is much more patient, purposeful, and intentional in His moving in me. Indeed, my paralysis is so often only His pause. I appreciate these thoughts you shared. Thank you.

      That mug was gift in 2016 from a friend as I left my “real job” to launch my business, my blogs, and the new chapter in my life. It has meaning beyond its role as a conveyor of coffee. Along the way I have found that when I am abiding in Christ, every morning “the adventure begins.”

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      1. Amen amen, Tim! You’re welcome ☺️. My life completely shifted in 2015; I left a career that was my life (education). I sure didn’t know it was cancer causing all the hiccups! I’m sipping liquid gold (this wonderful coffee!) in my conveyor of coffee (I love that!) each day is an adventure! Christ and coffee fuel me! I’m so glad to be able to share the joy in adventures knowing that the path, the narrow path, IS the right choice in life! How blessed are we? Sip sip hooray! ☕️

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  3. Ain’t that the truth?! There is indeed joy in the adventures on this narrow, constricted path of life. Here is one of the paradoxes of the life of faith. What is narrow and constricted leads to the greatest fullness and joy. And yes, sip, sip, hooray!


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