Book Review: Three Fold Secret Of The Holy Spirit

“Three Fold Secret of the Holy Spirit” by James McConkey 2015

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I came across this book because it was mentioned in Mrs. Howard Taylor’s account of the life of William Borden in the book, “Borden of Yale ’09.” Borden was an extraordinary young man whose short life had worldwide impact. Taylor mentioned in the book that Borden always had a copy of this book by James McConkey in his pocket, and would read from it daily. I found it was still available, bought it, and read it.

It was hard to put down. This simple approach to understanding the work of the Holy Spirit in the true believer was at once simple and powerful. In roughly 100 pages McConkey covers the vital truths around the secret of the Holy Spirit’s incoming and our union with Christ, the secret of His fullness and our yielding to Christ, and the secret of His constant manifestation in one’s life. Succinct yet powerful in impact, this book is truly a great resource for the any who are seeking to let go of their own lives in order to gain the life of Christ fully and continually.

Written near the turn of the last century, the language is richer than many today might be accustomed to reading, and the reading is slower. Not to worry. The truths in the book are worth lingering over, and the now-uncommon wordings help one to explore the depths of meaning behind them.

For the reader in search of a straightforward guide to the life of Christ lived in place of one’s own life, this is an excellent read. I highly recommend it.

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