Happy Monday!

Happy Monday – Lighter fare in the form of great quotes on life, great illustrations, humor, and occasionally, art.

Some dog thoughts for you this fine and happy Monday morning.  Few animal species have made an accord with humans.  Dogs have done so, and are the most common.  Enjoy your dog today, for a dog is a blessing…most of the time!


My dogs (L to R) Abby, now deceased, and Jackson.  Jackson is still with me some seven years after I rescued him from the dog prison. He has become an unofficial “therapy dog” for an large number of people. He has a way of melting hearts for the young and old. You can find some posts about lessons I have learned from Jackson if you poke around my blog.

Could not find a source for this, but I have found the truth in it.

I am pausing (“paws-ing”) the Happy Monday posts for a while, and possibly for good. This is the last one I will develop unless it seems wise to restart them. My efforts will be focused on other topics. Thanks for reading these over the years!

3 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. I’m so happy to be able to see this today, my friend. I’m sorry for the loss of your precious girl, and Jackson, you are loved. I know that my pup, Finley (rescued nearly 5 years ago) truly rescued me when God put her in my life. Yesterday I closed my Instagram accounts. God is calling me to focus more on this space. I had felt the need to disconnect there. We were no longer compatible. I had to “paws”. May God continue to bless you and I’m so happy I’ve been able to enjoy your humor on Monday’s when I’m able! I’ll always be on the lookout of the wisdom and truth you share! I’m on day 11 of chemo ~just 4 more days until I get another break!


    1. Hi, Karla. I am happy your break in the chemo is coming soon! I get your decision to drop IG; this digital stuff can begin to rule way too much of our time and attention. Brave girl, good choice! Focus is important. You write well and deeply on the blog, so your focus there will benefit many. Dog people get the need to “paws.”
      It has been fun to read about some of your Finley adventures. One can read in them the bond you have together and the mutual trust and admiration you share and assistance you provide to each other. Like the bumper sticker states: “Who rescued who?” I think about that line often when Jackson and I are out and about or just sitting around.
      I apologize for the long delay in responding. I left August 8 with six high-school seniors and grads for a five-day backpack in the Selkirk Range in Northern Idaho. Just got home about 30 minutes ago. Great times in the wilderness with these guys. Will post some pics and maybe a story or two soon.
      It is always good to check in with you. May our God be a blessing, comfort, and a voice behind you as you go into this week!

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      1. Good morning my friend! You never have to apologize for long delays! I understand completely. What an amazing time you must have had; I can’t wait to hear about it. My oldest son was stationed in Mountain Home, Idaho for six years. During that time I had some amazing experiences visiting Idaho and decided it is an underrated state. One of the most beautiful and favorites of mine. Thank you for the words about social media. It truly feels like a burden lifted. Yesterday, I had more scans. Unfortunately, it was not the results I had prayed. There are new spots (in each set of ribs), a new tumor in my abdominal lymph nodes, and one small one forming in my right lung. The mass on my pancreas decreased in length, grew in width. One on my liver grew. It devastated my Mom and twin sister. BUT for God! It was a tough night. With lots of prayer. My oldest son was visiting Valdez, Alaska after being in Homer and Seward with his family and in-law’s. He wanted this Mom to see the views so he FaceTimed me with encouragement and a walk along a beautiful pier. My youngest and family packed up yesterday in Spokane, WA to move here, closer to me by the end of the week. The Air Force has given him a position at Whiteman which is only 3 hours from me. I’m so thankful to God. I know some have it worse than me. I’m never alone with Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. There is more pain and discomfort at times, so prayers are appreciated. I long to get out and see places and my family is so understanding and supportive of this huge part of me and my wanderlust soul. May God be a comfort, as always, for you as well. I can’t imagine life without HIM! God bless you my friend!


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