Notable and Quotable

It is when this Lamb of God, by giving Himself within us, has brought forth a real birth of His own meekness, patience, and full resignation to God in our souls that our virgin hearts are made ready for the marriage feast – the highest state of union between God and the soul that can be in this life. This was the union between God and the soul for which man was created here on earth, a life of loving, adoring humility and dependence, receiving all from God even as Christ when on earth. This is redemption and this is salvation, when Christ as the Lamb of God is formed in and dwells within us, and in love that passeth knowledge fills us with the fullness of God.”

Andrew Murray

There is no need of a number of practices or methodologies in this matter. For to die to self, or to come from under its power, cannot be done by any active resistance we can make to it by the powers of nature. For nature can no more overcome or suppress itself that wrath can heal wrath. So long as nature acts, nothing but natural works are brought forth, and therefore the more labor of this kine the more nature is fed and strengthened with its own food.

But the one true way of dying to self is most simple and plain. It wants no arts or methods, no cells, monasteries, or pilgrimages; it is equally practicable by everybody; it is always at hand; it meets you in everything; it is free from all deceit, an is never without success.

It is the way of patience, meekness, humility, and resignation to God This is the truth and perfection of dying to self; it is nowhere else, nor possible to be in anything else, but in this state of heart.”

William Law

Image via Author, unnamed lake, Wallowa Mountains, Oregon

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