Notable and Quotable

From Francois Fenelon:

Dwell in peace. Your feelings of devotion to God and your enthusiasm to serve Him do not depend on your own ability. The only thing you can control at all is your will. Give God your will without reservation. The important question is not, “Do I enjoy being a Christian?” but rather, “Do I want what God wants?” Confess your faults. Do not be attached to the things of this world. Trust God. Love Him more that yourself. Love His glory more than your life. If you don’t want these things, ask to want them. God will come to you with His love and put His peace in your heart.

Most people don’t really know God. They know what they have read or been told, but it is an intellectual knowledge that lacks true spiritual experience. Most of us grow up being told there s a God, but I am not sure how much we believe it. We don’t act like we believe in God. And those who believe in god have a relationship based on fear rather than love.”

“Everything is for God, and for His purpose. Of course He wants you to be happy, but that is not His highest aim. God’s glory and His purpose are the end of all things. So seek out the eternal purpose of God and get in line with it. You will find happiness and salvation there, but not as an end in itself. It is all for God.”

From the book, “100 Days in the Secret Place” by Gene Edwards

Image via Author, unnamed lake in the Wallowa Mountains, Oregon

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