Narrow Gate: Distinctions

From A. B. Simpson “Christ Life.”

“This is the distinction I would bring before you – the Christian life and the Christ life. There is all the difference between them that there is between a system of truth and a living person; all the difference there is between ideas and living, loving hearts. Christian life may be a life conformed or committed to certain principles of truth. But Christ life is a living thing and a divine thing. Christian life may be your own earnest attempt to imitate Christ, and act consistently with the teachings of His Word, but Christ life is Christ’s own life in your heart and life, made real in you, and overcoming in you what your own strength could not overcome. This may be a new thought to some, but let me tell you it is the best thought in the Universe. It is nearly all I know that is effectual in the blessed Gospel; that which brings into the heart and life the Saviour Himself. Let us look at it more deliberately, and linger over some of the points we should not hasten past.”

Buy this book and read it.

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