Notable and Quotable

Words of wisdom from great spiritual thinkers of today and days past.

The theme for today’s quotes is union with our God.

Charles Spurgeon said this about union with our Christ: “There is no joy in this world like union with Christ. The more we can feel it, the happier we are.”

John Eldredge speaks to the depth of our union with our God: “This is not quite the same thing as saying we believe in God, or that we are listening to God; not even that we are obeying God. Union, oneness, is something far higher and richer. I realize that in this abused age any sexual metaphor is potentially troubling, but the scripture uses it and therefore we should not abandon it.”

Andrew Murray referred to this as “Co-Eternal Life.”  Here is what he said about union with Christ: Eternal life is the life which Jesus Christ exhibited on the human level. And it is this same life, not simply a copy of it, which is made evident in our mortal flesh when we are born again. Eternal life is not a gift from God; eternal life is the gift of God. The energy and the power which was so very evident in Jesus will be exhibited in us by an act of the absolute sovereign grace of God, once we have made that complete and effective decision about sin. Jesus came to give us an endless supply of life— “…that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.”  Eternal life has nothing to do with time. It is the life which Jesus lived when He was down here, and the only Source of life is the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Again, from Andrew Murray: “Even the weakest saint can experience the power of the deity of the Son of God, when he is willing to “let go.” But any effort to “hang on” to the least bit of our own power will only diminish the life of Jesus in us. We have to keep letting go, and slowly, but surely, the great full life of God will invade us, penetrating every part. Then Jesus will have complete and effective dominion in us, and people will take notice that we have been with Him.”

John Piper sums up union with Christ this way: “I would define union with Christ like this: It is the reality of all the ways that the Bible pictures our human connectedness to Christ, in which he is indispensable for every good that we enjoy. No saving good, no eternal good, no God-exalting good, no soul-satisfying good comes to us except as we are connected to Christ.”


One thought on “Notable and Quotable

  1. Great quotes!

    Here is another good one by Leonard Ravenhill:

    “The two prerequisites to successful Christian living are vision and passion, both of which are born in and maintained by prayer.”

    One of my favorite is this one by A. W. Tozer:

    “The Bible will never be a living Book to us until we are convinced that God is articulate in His universe.”

    Keep the ink flowing friend! Blessings.


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