Happy Monday!

For this Christmas season, I am going to post happy Christmas stories from a variety of sources.  Today’s stories come from Buzzfeed at http://www.buzzfeed.com/colinheasley/heartwarming-christmas-stories

The Brownies Sash

A few years ago I participated in a storytelling project in the month of December. The theme of the event was “gifts” and I told the story of how I had received a Brownies uniform and manual from my grandparents for my 7th birthday, granting me the opportunity to be in a troop, only to be faced with a horrible troop leader who freely told the other girls that she didn’t like me and would only hand out badges on days when I wasn’t there. My story concluded with revealing that after one year in Brownies, I only had one badge. All the other girls moved on to the next level of Girl Scouts… I did not.

My mother was at the storytelling event and two weeks later for Christmas, she handed me a small gold box. Inside was a Brownies sash, adorned with every single badge a girl could earn and accompanied by a three-page letter explaining how I had earned them. I was so touched, I cried. It was the most beautiful and thoughtful gift I ever received.

Random Act of Kindness

I was about 10 and my family was really struggling financially. It was a few days before Christmas and a stranger rang the doorbell and handed my dad a wrapped box. We all sat at the table and my parents opened it to find a envelope full of cash, as well as gift cards for myself and my three siblings. My parents asked all around to try to find out who did it but to this day we don’t know. It’s touching to know people do things like this not for praise but out of the goodness of their hearts.

More to come.  Happy Monday and a Happy Christmas to you all!

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