Notable and Quotable

Great quotes from great spiritual thinkers of yesterday and today.

Today’s quotes are on dealing with sin and pursuing repentance in our lives.

“I learn from the Scriptures that repentance is just as necessary to salvation as faith is, and the faith that has not repentance going with it will have to be repented of.” – Charles Spurgeon, the great “Prince of Preachers” from England

Repentance is the true turning of our life to God, a turning that arises from a pure and earnest fear of Him; and it consists in the mortification of the flesh and the renewing of the Spirit.” – John Calvin, Protestant reformer from France

“Repentance is more than just sorrow for the past; repentance is a change of mind and heart, a new life of denying self and serving the Savior as king in self’s place.” – J.I. Packer, Anglican theologian from Canada

“The vigor and power and comfort of our spiritual life depends on our mortification of deeds of the flesh.” – John Owen, an English Nonconformist church leader and theologian at Oxford University

Those who believe they have pleased God by the quality of their devotion and moral goodness naturally feel that they and their group deserve deference and power over others. The God of Jesus and the prophets, however, saves completely by grace. He cannot be manipulated by religious and moral performance–he can only be reached through repentance, through the giving up of power. If we are saved by sheer grace we can only become grateful, willing servants of God and of everyone around us.” – Tim Keller, Presbyterian pastor, theologian, and apologist from New York CityKeller

“For thus said the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel: In repentance and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength….”  – Isaiah the prophet

Picture via this author, Wallowa Range, Oregon

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