On Someone to Love You

A Live, Love, Lead Well post, (update of a previous post, December 2016)

How difficult would it be to never be loved?

Listen to the ache of being unloved in these excerpts from a poem, “I Just Want Someone to Love Me,” by a writer named Samantha.

What am I doing wrong
I just want someone to be there
To tell me that they love me
To tell me that they care

Why can’t I be someone’s angel
Sent to them from heaven up above
Will anyone in this stupid world
Ever show me how to love?

We all have within us a deep desire to be loved.  We are restless, searching until we find a true and honest love.  Or we give up and shell up, closing ourselves off to avoid any deeper disappointments in our searching.

Love is a nearly universal drive.  I am not talking about sex, rather about true and deep intimacy.  A selfless and mutual relationship with another who holds us as supremely valuable and worthy.  The Corrs (about the only pop-rock band I like…and they’re Irish!) sang about this in their song, “Intimacy.”

Everybody’s searching for intimacy
Everybody’s hurting for intimacy
Hey yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
We come into this world alone
From the heart of darkness
The infinite unknown

Sex is often confused with this kind of intimacy, and many are hurt by the practice of giving physical intimacy thinking it will give them the soul-level love and connection for which they are seeking.

Perhaps this nearly universal drive to be loved tells us something about our design.  Perhaps it speaks to our intended purpose, to love and to be loved perfectly.  Think about that.  To be loved perfectly.  Not a gushy, mushy Hollywood and romance novel emotional rush.  True, deep, intimate, selfless love and intimacy.  Healing in its power.  Encompassing all forgiveness.  Powerful enough to bring us to our best.

This is the love of God all persons.  The reason so many search and so few really find is we are so often looking for love in all the wrong places.  Lennon and McCartney wrote, “Can’t Buy Me Love.”  They were right. While everyone is looking for love, for intimacy, few discover where to look-and to Whom-to find the love that will satisfy the soul.  It can’t be bought, and it can’t be imitated.  If we ever want to really understand love, to be loved perfectly, we must come to understand God.

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