Change is the Constant

In the last post, I mentioned “some new content features” for the 1 Pursuit endeavor.  Here is what to look for in the expanded format.

The Adventure Blog – This blog will continue to feature posts related to the great adventure of knowing our God in a personal and intimate way.  Stories from my life as well as the lives of others will populate this section of the 1 Pursuit enterprise.  Also look for quotes on the adventure of knowing God, posts from other sources, and even some artwork and occasional humor.

Climb Free – a new blog section will focus on thought leadership-worthy content, from me or from others, along with exposition of important ideas and truths for living.  The focus of this effort is to provide a platform for the deeper thoughts and ideas related to living a God-centered life in this world.  Again, some of the content here may be from or include work from other writers and thinkers, past and present.  The themes will vary month to month.

Perhaps you can tell that adventuring and climbing are significant in my thinking.  This is due to a life lived in the wilderness, exploring, climbing, adventuring, and in general doing things that keep my mom awake at night.  Hey, at least it has been good for her prayer life!  The adventures of my life have been useful to me in understanding the work of our God in all of our lives, including how He calls, equips, challenges and engages us.  Adventures in life often serve to open our eyes and hearts to the greatest and grandest of adventures, know our God intimately and learning to walk in His presence daily.

In many of my posts I will be tapping into my experiences of the adventuring life, along with the experiences of other adventurers I have known and prominent Christian thinkers, to explain and illustrate life and truth. The goal of the 1 Pursuit enterprise is provide challenges to the readers’ faith and thinking, and to encourage them to live the adventure of knowing our God intimately, loving Him wholeheartedly, and walking in close fellowship with Him daily.

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