Where Did That Guy Go?

Going rogue.

I disappeared.  Gone.  Off the digital grid (not really) for nearly four months.  What happened?  Long story made short, I transitioned from my old work setting (read “quit my job”), and transitioned to my side hustle as my full-time gig.  The transition has been consuming, and has been going on for some time now.  I had to let some things rest for a while until I could get some order back into my world.  Running was one (am running again).  Blogging was another.

The backstory goes like this: my former work was in a healthcare setting, where I was (supposed to be) the training director, responsible for external training for our healthcare partners.  When I assumed that role, the task was to use training to help develop a cross-sector service delivery system for mental health, primary care, and school-based mental health.  And it worked.  We even included law enforcement and corrections, and made great strides in breaking down the walls that created a “siloed system” of health care, and made the new approach operational in a variety of settings.

As time went on, my role as a trainer was reduced as I was moved into more and more administrative duties.  Finally, it became clear that I had accumulated roughly two full-time job descriptions that included training, suicide prevention work, facilities management over four facilities, and fleet management for more than 35 vehicles.  Too much.  There did not seem to be a path to resolving the workload issues, so seven months ago I resigned.  I stayed on for an additional six months part-time to allow for hiring a replacement admin person, all the while ramping up the business.  I have now gone “rogue,” and am out in the cold, career-wise.

It’s kinda cool!  I am liking the transition, and the work is beginning to flow.  I am still eating, and no one is foreclosing on my house.  Yet.  My goal was to start back to blogging in August.  Well, it is August.  I have been designing some new content features for the 1 Pursuit endeavor, and am excited to get back in the saddle. Here we go.

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